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All your games on your keychain

Should You Buy A Funkey S? - World's Smallest Gameboy Advance SP
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Play anywhere, anytime

Bored in transports, sleeping in class or simply having a few minutes to kill? Give yourself a well earned retrogaming break!

The most incredible aspect about the FunKey S is its size: we've designed it to be the perfect invisible companion for your everyday life. Thanks to it compactness, you can now have a powerful handheld console always attached to your keychain.

You'll never forget to bring it with you and won't even notice it's there, but when nostalgia calls and makes you remember an unbeaten boss, or unfinished level, just pop it open and be ready to kick some ass!


Unfold new possibilities

Everybody remembers how old clamshell mobile phones and consoles used to snap closed or pop open. The FunKey S is based on the same concept of active spring-powered hinge.


This foldable design brings two important features: it protects the inner screen and keypad while the console is closed, but it provides the largest possible screen and controls when opened.

Retro it all

Don't be fooled by its size, the Funkey S is powerful!


Be ready to discover - or rediscover - all your favorite classics. Over 10 different consoles are playable on the FunKey S and the list is always growing, all in the greatest possible quality, right in your pocket!

Playstation 1™, GameGear™, NES™, SuperNES™, Gameboy™ (classic, Color and Advance), Sega Master System™, Sega Genesis™, Atari™, Neo Geo Pocket™, Wonderswan™...

The FunKey S is already packed with the best selection of homebrew games, and the system has been designed so that adding your own games is a breeze.

All waiting for you!


Comfortable design

Tiny is cute, but because of its unique foldable design, once opened, tiny also means comfortable:

  • Large directional arrows and buttons A|B|X|Y|START

  • Generous L1/R1 back shoulder buttons

  • Additional buttons for ergonomics: POWER|Fn

  • 1.54" 240x240 IPS LCD color screen for high contrasts and viewing angle, up to 60Hz refresh rate

  • Built-in 0.5W speaker for heady retro-sounds

  • Single Micro USB connector for Power + Data Drag & Drop as a standard USB memory stick

  • Low battery / charge indicator

  • Strong metallic strap attachment needle