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All your games on your keychain

Should You Buy A Funkey S? - World's Smallest Gameboy Advance SP
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Play anywhere, anytime

Bored in transports, sleeping in class or simply having a few minutes to kill? Give yourself a well earned retrogaming break!


The most incredible aspect about the FunKey S is its size: we've designed it to be the perfect invisible companion for your everyday life. Thanks to it compactness, you can now have a powerful handheld console always attached to your keychain.


You'll never forget to bring it with you and won't even notice it's there, but when nostalgia calls and makes you remember an unbeaten boss, or unfinished level, just pop it open and be ready to kick some ass!



Unfold new possibilities

Everybody remembers how old clamshell mobile phones and consoles used to snap closed or pop open. The FunKey S is based on the same concept of active spring-powered hinge.


This foldable design brings two important features: it protects the inner screen and keypad while the console is closed, but it provides the largest possible screen and controls when opened.

Retro it all

Don't be fooled by its size, the Funkey S is powerful!


Be ready to discover - or rediscover - all your favorite classics. Over 10 different consoles are playable on the FunKey S and the list is always growing, all in the greatest possible quality, right in your pocket!


Playstation 1™, GameGear™, NES™, SuperNES™, Gameboy™ (classic, Color and Advance), Sega Master System™, Sega Genesis™, Atari™, Neo Geo Pocket™, Wonderswan™...


The FunKey S is already packed with the best selection of homebrew games, and the system has been designed so that adding your own games is a breeze.


All waiting for you!


Comfortable design

Tiny is cute, but because of its unique foldable design, once opened, tiny also means comfortable:


  • Large directional arrows and buttons A|B|X|Y|START

  • Generous L1/R1 back shoulder buttons

  • Additional buttons for ergonomics: POWER|Fn

  • 1.54" 240x240 IPS LCD color screen for high contrasts and viewing angle, up to 60Hz refresh rate

  • Built-in 0.5W speaker for heady retro-sounds

  • Single Micro USB connector for Power + Data Drag & Drop as a standard USB memory stick

  • Low battery / charge indicator

  • Strong metallic strap attachment needle

Instant play

We've made the most out of FunKey's foldable design: not only is it able to detect when it opens or closes, but the gaming experience is completely optimized for it. 


Close the console and it will automatically save your game before turning itself off. Open it and your game will start back in a few seconds right where you left it!


We've also added this feature when your battery is too low or when you turn off the console manually, so whether it’s because you had to grab your coffee or ran out of juice, don’t be afraid to lose your adventure because we guarantee, you won’t!

Optimized interface

On the FunKey S what matters above all is providing the best possible gaming experience.


So what does it mean?


Well basically, we wanted a unified and clean experience so that you can focus on gaming and not get frustrated with the rest. Forget about multiple settings menus with different options and button mappings depending on one emulator or another. Forget about bloatware!


Just. The. Essential. 


We started from scratch and came up with an optimized, intuitive and consistent interface for the best possible gaming experience:

  • Boot under 5 seconds and start back your games right where you left them,

  • Enjoy a simple and consistent settings menu throughout the whole system,

  • Pressing the Fn button triggers the same quick shortcuts from anywhere,

  • System-wide notifications make everything coherent for gamers and easy for developers,

  • Connect your console and add new games as simply as you would do it with a simple USB memory stick,

  • Easily access your saved files alongside your games to share or back them up,

  • Upgrade the system without headaches by simply copying/pasting one file and rebooting,

  • Create/share new and amazing themes for the launcher with a simple text editor,

  • No unnecessary softwares out of the box (text editors, mp3 players...), but being open source, developers can easily add their own.


Everything is easy and fast so that you just need to focus on gaming.




  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 44.5 x 13.8 mm

  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.2 GHz

  • RAM: 64 MB DDR2

  • Storage: SD card up to 128GB

  • Display: LCD IPS screen, 1.54”, 240x240 px

  • Audio: ∅10 mm mono speaker, 500 mW

  • Battery: 410 mAh Li-ion battery 

  • LED charging indicator

  • Micro USB Port: charge battery, load games


Open Source

Since its origins FunKey has proudly been Open Hardware & Open Source.


Many designs and tutorials are already online on Hackaday and we commit to keep every aspect of the FunKey S open.


This means putting in public repositories on Github:

  • all electronic design & production files

  • all drivers, system scripts & OS-level source files

  • all optimized launcher & emulator source files

  • all 3D-printable STL and STEP files for the casing


Basically, you have the keys!


The FunKey team

The FunKey S is brought to you by five people:


  • Vincent: CEO, software design & optimizations

  • Michel: CTO, electronic design & OS optimizations

  • David: COO, mechanical design, electronic integration

  • Killian: CMO, marketing, photographs, communication

  • Laura: Customer service, social media, order management


We are from 4 different generations, but we are all fueled by the same passion for retro-gaming!


From Keymu to FunKey

At the beginning was Keymu, an original concept of a cute, foldable handheld console, tiny enough to fit on anyone’s keychain, but powerful and comfortable enough to let you play thousands of retro games. 


Keymu did not pretend to be more than a prototype meant to be built by anyone willing to get their hands dirty.


Youtube video demo

Keymu was only a "one-of-its-kind" prototype developed in a garage in 2017, but it received an unexpected and overwhelming attention.


Keymu's unscripted video got millions of views on Youtube!

Making the headlines

Following this famous video, tech media picked up the buzz and dozens of articles were written, encouraging us to produce it…

FunKey Articles.gif
FunKey Comments.gif

Amazing comments

A lot of people wrote us comments, asking how to get one (or more) asap...

Your enthusiasm captured our attention and made us want to actually work for this to happen.

Your comments and support brought us here, and you have never been closer to actually get your own FunKey S.

We could not be more grateful!

The fellowship of the Key Ring

We love reading your excitement and thoughts regarding our work. Want to discuss FunKey? We encourage everyone to join the amazing community on Discord!

This is a community handled server (we're not in charge) where you'll find amazing people always sharing content and ready to help.


You can also check on our social medias (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok) or drop us a line, we'll respond ASAP with great pleasure and pay attention to your questions or remarks!


Because we know we could not have made it this far without you all.

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